Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goodies! Or, in which the author is NOT a schlumpy hausfrau

As I was gleefully posting pics of my stew triumph The Boy asked me, "Is this blog about the lovely food you make?"

"No. Nooo. I don't know. Maybe. Why? What?" I succinctly replied.

He pointed out that it might seem to those who don't know me (and even some who do) that all I do is schlump around the house making and eating delicious food. If only.

No, actually I do sometimes put on nice clothes and go nice places with nice people. In fact, I've been going lots of nice places lately, which has meant a run on the local Goodwill store (sorry, baby. I'm done now). Here are some of the goodies I've picked up:

Outfit 1: in which the author goes to Fashion a Cure
(check out their myspace, they're doing good work)

Vest: vintage, Dress: Old Navy, Necklace: thrifted
Purse: vintage Dooney & Burke, tights: Vera
Boots: Nicole, via T.J. Maxx

Note: I am very, very tall but not THAT tall. My bureau is very short.

Outfit 2: in which the author goes to the Union Square farmer's market and Max Brenner's for cookies and milkSweater: T.J. Maxx, Dress: vintage slip worn as dress, Tights: Vera Wang
Belt: H&M, Shoes: thrifted

A note about the slip/dress: there are many vintage clothing stores in Brooklyn. I'm sure they all have super quirky and cute owners and support local artists. But Treehouse Brooklyn might just have the quirkiest and cutest owner and their local artists might just be super awesome. Just saying. They're in hibernation now (I feel you, there, Treehouse) but still open on weekends. They also have craft classes. I predict that I will try and make it to one every week but always get distracted by something yummy.

A note about Max Brenner's: I forgot to take pictures because I was so overwhelmed by the chocolate EVERYWHERE. I am always prone to acting like a five-year-old when overexcited but I saw other, mature seeming adults getting all sorts of giddy too. So. amazing.

Outfit 3: in which the author feels like an equestrian at a housewarming/birthday party

Jacket: vintage Nordstrom's, Bag: vintage Dooney & Burke, Ring: thrifted,
Jeans: paper denim & cloth, Shirt: Hanes Her Way, Boots: Nicole via T.J. Maxx

Maybe it's because I rode horses as a kid, but, to me, there is something so beautiful about an equestrian outfit. The aesthetic is second to the utility, but the materials in the clothing should always be top notch.
Like this Rag & Bone from 2007:


Outfit 4: In which the author misses summer and realizes she loves the color coral
Hat: Lord & Taylor, Dress: gift, Belt: thrifted
Bracelets: Pier 1 (random, I know), Shoes: boutique 9

I can't really pull off pink- I look self-conscious or uncomfortable. But coral is just far enough out that I can really love it up. I only realized how strong my affection was when I looked through these pictures and also remembered a heated argument had with The Mother re: coral vs. turquoise. We had to agree to disagree.

At any rate, here is some proof that I leave my house with semi-decent outfits and have some nice adventures. Of coure, here is also proof that I spend too much time wandering around thrift stores wondering when it will get warm again.


  1. "No. Nooo. I don't know. Maybe. Why? What?"
    Celebrate whatever you find delightful, that's my advice.
    People don't really care what pisses you off or even what turns you on. But we wind up writing about this stuff anyway, and maybe we can at least be funny about it.
    But talk about something you find delightful and you find kindred spirits.

  2. Love those boots!

    I really enjoyed your blog, you're writing style is very charming!