Thursday, January 8, 2009

Secret Love

So, call it pleasure-deprivation, but I've decided to come out and say it. I love loafers. And moccasins. And all men's style shoes.

In fact, because I have such large, large feet I wear men's shoes from time to time. My best friend from High School is very stylish and turned me on to docksiders. Very exciting new territory.

At any rate, I was browsing Tod's website and I found these.

I can see it now- I'd try them on and go back and forth between the ridiculous blue ones and the sensible brown ones. As is so rarely true, the sensible option would win as images of baggy sweaters and slouchy jeans rolled through my head. We'd have a few good years together, and it would be a beautiful love story that would end with frantic calls to local cobblers, tears, mangled glue attempts and the seven stages of grief.

P.S. Got a lovely mention on Armchair Travel. Any literary types like me would do well to peruse old entries.

Listening to now: Little Honey by Lucinda Williams. Way better than the critics say, not nearly as good as her older albums.

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