Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I Got

Is this! A beautiful, shiny, perky new computer. Her name is RollerGirl.

I loved my old computer- it was great. It almost always started, and it nearly always stayed on. Also, it usually connected to the internet. But this is still an upgrade.

I just got back from Boston last night and I have lots of lovely pictures but now I have to get ready to leave for Louisiana TOMORROW. I'd like not to have to bother unpacking at all but the weather in Louisiana will, I hope, be very very different from the weather in Boston.

Oh, and before I go I have to renew my license, fix my phone, go to a casting in New Jeresy, look at a new apartment (more about that later) and maybe just lose my mind a little bit.

On top of everything, now I have Sublime stuck in my head. Loving is what I got, I said remember that.

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