Sunday, May 24, 2009

Purple doorknob, meet shiny dishwasher.

Big news!

Next week, The Boy, Rue and I are packing up all of our worldly possessions and moving! To a big, new, beautiful apartment. It took awhile to find a place that The Boy and I both liked. He likes new and shiny places with fancy appliances, and I like older places with things like purple glass doorknobs:

Hello, lover.

But we found a place right down the road with fancy new appliances and beautiful old embellishments and way more space than we even know what to do with.

We're excited for Rue to run up and down stairs for the first time. I think he'll take to it nicely.

I love him.

We're packing now and I think The Boy is a little cranky about it. Moving can be stressful and boring and stupid, but I kind of love it. Maybe it's the nomadic kid in me, but moving means going through everything you own and getting rid of what you don't need. It's streamlining your life to fit into a new, exciting place. It's figuring out where to hang your memories and art. It's big empty rooms that wait for your living and loving.

Also it means that late at night when we're sick and tired of packing we get to go to Friendly's for ice cream.
I tried frozen yogurt. It was delicious, but I think maybe we should go back tonight so I can get something more like this:


I like boys that don't make fun of girls who get ice cream two nights in a row.

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