Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tardiness, as a rule.

Ok, so by September 1st, I obviously meant September 6th.

Here's what my summer has been, in a nutshell:

Beautiful swimming holes

I always lived by rivers as a kid, and everyone knew where the best swimming holes were so I was surprised when I moved to the cushy suburbs and everyone gave me blank "I have a pool" stares when I asked. So I found this awesome website. Pretty self explanatory, really, and very helpful.

If I could, I would swim every day, all year long.

I also ate at Casellula in Hell's Kitchen with some old friends.

Best. Cheese. Ever.

The Boy and I decided to take a long staycation this summer. We visited friends, ate good food, went to museums, and just did whatever we felt like. We even went to Six Flags and I faced my huge fear of roller coasters and went on the biggest, scariest one in the country. But I'm not going to post a picture of that. It just wasn't pretty. So here's some of my favorite art from the Met (where I could spend every day for a year and not get bored):

I also got to see my lovely, talented, gorgeous cousin in a Broadway play. Afterwards, we went to the best Japanese restaurant I've ever been to. It is, for some reason, hidden in the basement of a building that has another Japanese restaurant, but it has great authentic Japanese food, and not just sushi.

The atmosphere is gorgeous, and Joanna and I took it very seriously.

We are very solemn people.

So that's been my summer, in a very small nutshell. I also made great strides professionally, and have been decorating my gorgeous new house! Pictures coming soon (I mean it), it's super messy at the moment.

But this long weekend has been all kinds of fall cleaning and a little bit of fall shopping.

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