Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

I really want to hate Valentine's Day. It's fake, it's commercial and I'm pretty sure Saint Valentine would be pissed if he found out what went on. But....chocolate. And...champagne. And cupcakes and kisses and just a lot of things that I like. So, my final word on the matter is this: we should love the ones we love all the damn time. But if a Hallmark kind of day reminds you of that, then I'm ok with it. Also, I just really like presents.

Magnolia Presents

Delicious presents.

The Boy's brother was in town for Valentine's Day proper, so we didn't celebrate too much. Just dinner and a trip to the city to show the brother the sights. But I threw on some red lipstick to get into the spirit of things (and also to counter my old man outfit).

So The Boy and I celebrated President's day together in our messy little house. I loved it. And I love him.

There was a mild damper put on the day by Rue's absence, though. We sent him to the country to stay with The Boy's family while we're in New Zealand. I couldn't be more excited for New Zealand, but I'm a *little* bereft without that nutsy little face around.

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