Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello, New York. You're looking rather
There's a lot of buzz all over the blogosphere about the coming of fall. It's generally good buzz, so I'm taking it upon myself to put a little bad buzz out there. I know it's not very zen or karmically* positive of me, but I would happily put off the gusty winds and changing leaves another few months. And where many of my cohorts have been eagerly marching ahead into fall fashion I am, rather stubbornly, clinging to summery clothes. The other day Kate Moss at Glastonbury was my inspiration as I stomped around town revelling in the heat.

Sunnies: Raybans, Tank: H&M, Shorts: Levi's Boots: I
can't remember, Purse: Bass & Co, Necklace: vintage

I've been laying pretty low lately, eagerly waiting for the onslaught of September: Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out, a few tentative trips abroad and around the country, and lots of castings and running around. I'm not actually very good at laying low, but a killer head cold and inexplicable swelling of the face has kept me down and out.

The most exciting thing** has been an improv class which just started and is a blast. Furthermore, it's right near a custom shoemaker's shop, and he's my new favorite person.

These are all that is good in the world.

Other than that it's been lazing around with The Boy, snuggling with The Cat and trying to get my hands on a cupcake. I've had the damnedest time finding the time and place to get a cupcake for no apparent reason. Fate keeps intervening because Fate is clearly Anti-Cupcake and An Asshole.

*That's a word, you know.
**There was one other very exciting thing that happened this morning, but it deserves it's own blog post.

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