Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

This weekend so far has been chocolate and red wine evenings, leisurely NPR and coffee mornings, and afternoons wandering around the coast. Today we're heading up to a reservoir upstate for a swim and a cheese picnic*. Is this really the end of summer? It doesn't feel that way.

Leisurely mornings. My room looks just like this. Uh huh.

Cooking and not so much cleaning.

I also look just like this when I wander
the beach. Yup.

The soundtrack to this weekend has, oddly enough, been Leonard Cohen. He may not seem like the most jolly background music for a long, last summer weekend but for some reason 'Democracy is Coming' really perks me up in the morning.

What do you mean I'm not jolly?

I'm super fucking jolly.
By the way, if you have a dull moment in your long weekend, check out my website. It's a little boring now, but soon will have links to articles and interviews I'll be conducting over fashion week. Get psyched. I'm going to go swimming.

*that's The Boy's favorite kind of picnic.

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