Sunday, February 6, 2011

In No Particular Order

Happy Superbowl Sunday!
It's Superbowl Sunday, which means nachos and beer and hotdogs. There's also a football game, but it doesn't count because the Patriots are not involved*.  Now, I love nachos. And I love beer. And I love men tussling over pigskin. But sometimes things get a little stupid this weekend. So, I thought I'd make up a little list of things that are smart and glamorous. Just to keep things even.

1) This bag
Wayuu Taya Bag
Good bag, good materials, good cause. Available here.

2) This woman
But it will not be all rock & roll, oui?

3) This necklace
Kate Spade Doodles Pen Necklace
Actually, this entire brand. Gorgeous planners, bright shoes and bags, quirky jewelry, yes please.

4) This blog.
Old Hollywood
Deep, dark, Hollywood. I love.

5) This man (and woman...sort of).

I love Kanye. Haters say what you will, but he's honest, constantly seeking to improve and a genius. And, yes, he yelled at a famous, gorgeous, legs-to-here blonde chick. Cry me a river, Swift. As for Gaga, I have mixed feelings.

6) This designer

Geek chic. On a whole other level.

So, I hope you all have an awesome day whether it involves football or not. But if it doesn't involve either nachos or beer, we probably shouldn't be friends. 

P.S. Been thinking about bringing back outfit posts. Thoughts?
*and, if they are involved, they are winning. Except for that one time with the Hair Plugged Wonder, but whatever. 


  1. 1.) bag, eh. Good cause you say? Didn't check out your link yet.
    2.) Busy, didn't click, sorry.
    3.)The necklace reminds me of the Ghost Writer pen. From the show. This is the reason why I commented because when I wore this look in 7th grade it was not a good look. But I do love it still.
    No to another blog and no to Gaga cause I am on overload already.

  2. 1) It comes in colors, but this one reminded me of my bedspread from when I was 3.
    2) It's fine, it's a personal obsession
    3) Haven't seen the hsow.
    Re: GaGa, I'm the same! I want to like her because I think she's original but she's just so everywhere. Kanye, though= awesome. Love him.