Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap, Oscar Nonsense

So, as you may have heard, there was some kind of Hollywood awards ceremony last night. I've always been very flattered by comparisons between me and one of the hosts (hint: not James Franco) and I thought, despite a thoroughly awkward overall hosting experience, that she looked totally gorgeous last night.

Also gorgeous- the cookies made by the host of a little Oscar party we went to. I am seriously impressed.
She is my hero.
In other news, The Boy and I went to visit my grandparents, who are selling their gorgeous house and hightailing it to Miami. This is very good news. Here's why:
1) Permanent place to visit in Miami
2) People moving always means free stuff
3) My grandparents have great stuff.

We came away with loads of furniture and art, a lot of which I plan on painting, upholstering, enhancing etc., so get ready to see a lot of that.

To end, I thought I'd leave you with another great recipe from The London Hotel in NYC. It's particularly apt, since being British seemed to guarantee an Oscar last night.
Image courtesy of Samantha Hillis
The London
Juice from 1/2 grapefruit
Shot of Gin
Jigger of Lillet
Splash of Champagne

Rim glass with sugar, then combine ingredients and strain.

P.S. I don't care if he was awkward and maybe stoned, I love him.

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  1. You might not care, but a lot of people did. I guess he is an actor and something and something and an artist..... Honestly, I think you should have been there. You and Anne could have worked it. Except you're better than her and would have made her look dumb. Cause you're pretty and Anne has all these enormous features. Your comedic timing is better as well. Should I call Tyra? Homegirl needs a wakeup call.