Monday, April 11, 2011

Shut Down the Singing

So, the other day I was stuck in Grand Central due to what I call, "The Shutdown" which is when the number of trains going out of Grand Central drastically decreases, between 10:30pm and 12:30am. Suddenly, people appear lounging on steps, hanging out on the platforms, just waiting for a damn train to take them home so they can have a glass of wine with their cat. Or, you know, whatever it is normal people do.

A few people with guitars gathered together and started singing. It started so innocently. A few longhaired hippies with guitars and a dog. Then another guy with a guitar came along. Then an old, drunk Indian guy with incredibly annoying song requests. And it pretty much fell apart from there. Here is the transcript of a few of my texts to The Boy while I was observing and waiting:

12:15 Missed my train, will be home late. Hippie jam session on the platform.
12:20: Someone's crashing the jam session. He doesn't know who Bob Dylan is. Oh God. I just...
12:22: Oh my god, oh my god, we're going to be on the same train oh god oh God he's playing the Doors.
12:26: Old guy belting 'Lean on Me', Crasher is still playing, "When You're Strange" and the Hippies are sticking with, "Corrina, Corrina". I may die. You can have all my CDs.
12:28: Uuuugh, Crasher has a CD. Should be a law that in order to release a CD you must know who Bob Dylan is.
12:31: Old Guy is demanding Al Green. Drunk girl is leaning on him and giggling. May kill all of them. If I go to jail, you can have all my CDs.

After that, a talent scout came up and handed his card to the hippies. This led to an incredibly uncomfortable moment, as he failed to hand it to The Crasher or the Old Guy. Luckily, Drunk Girl broke the silence by burping.

So now you know a little more about the kind of things my commute involves. Happy Monday!

None of these people are singing the same song

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