Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Late Weekend Recap

I ate this. It was awesome.
Blogger was being a little bitch yesterday but it was Monday so I couldn't really blame them. So here's a quick rundown of my weekend.

First I had beautiful drinks at this place with my hilarious friend and I was shocked to find crazy delicious food at a Tiki Bar. Who knew creme fraiche and truffle oil went with tropical food?

Then, my mother came over. I brought the lobster, she brought the hilarity.

The meal was delicious.

In addition to hilarity, she also brought about a farm's worth of fruits and vegetables which I have been living off of all week.

The boy and I had beautiful berry breakfasts all weekend in addition to some flower tea I brought back from Switzerland.

Then, on Sunday, to detox from all the classiness, we went to a baseball game and had beer and hotdogs. There was also something about sports.

Actually, I found the sports a lot more interesting in person. Besides, I had the world's smallest Mets fan right next to me shouting, "let's go Mets! Let's go Mets!" so it was hard not to get into the spirit.

And now I'm throwing myself into work this week and getting shit done. Thursday I head to NH for, brace yourself, a spa and cruise weekend with my dad. Has there ever been a more bizarre sentence than that?

Spa+Cruise+Dad= New Hampshire?

I bet it will be a total blast.

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  1. haha It seems like you have a very nice day!!