Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY: Mask Purse

I got this beautiful vintage purse for a steal at Goodwill which I had for about a year until I was suddenly struck with inspiration from a mask I wore at New Year's.
 You will need:
1 vintage purse
1 mask (mine came from H&M)
1 small paintbrush
Complimentary Paint (I used this paint because it's water soluble and I'm a klutz)
2 large address labels
1 sheet regular paper

Step 1) The purse was patent leather, which resists paint. Rub the area you're working with with acetone nail polish remover to remove the sheen. You can also use a metal scrubbie to buff it off.

Step 2) Trace a mask onto paper. If you have even a hint of artistic talent or even fairly steady hands you may be able to skip this step, but not I.

Step 3) Cut out the mask and remember that the outline is what needs to be smooth, not the cutout.

Step 4) Tape it in place on the purse. Then trace the eyes onto label paper. Using the mask as a guide, stick them in place.

Step 5) Paint the mask, being careful around the edges. I used this paint, and did several coats to create a smooth look.

Step 6) Remove the paper and the eyes.

Step 7) Use a wet, soapy rag to carefully clean any rough edges. 
Step 8) Insist your fiance call you Martha Fucking Stewart for the rest of the day.