Friday, September 21, 2012

Big(ish) News!

We're moving!
The Boy and, more importantly, The Cat and I are packing in this suburban life and heading to the Big City. I'm excited, The Boy's apprehensive and The Cat has no idea. I'm kind of hoping he won't notice.  Of course, as it turns out, planning a move, a wedding and working a job that entails odd hours and last minute travel is kind of hard. 
But while I'm going to miss the hell out of our house and our yard, I'm pretty excited to find out what life is like outside of a train car. I've heard good things. Besides that, it will be much easier for me to make fun of blonde bitches from Connecticut when I'm not a blonde bitch from Connecticut.

We'll be downsizing considerably, which means two things:

1) We're getting rid of a lot of crap. If you're in the market for any crap, let me know

2) There's nothing like going through everything you own to make you want to replace it all, but in the spirit of downsizing, I'm going to refrain from adding to our mountain of crap, and take out all of my shopping impulses on the blog. So get ready for that.

There's lots of other projects brewing as well, and I'll have lots more news in the weeks/months to come so stay tuned!    

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