Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some Awesome for Your Week

This Website

It provides you with games that improve your memory, perception, and other mental skills. I am hope it to make me good with stuffs.

This Kitten Cam

via the Rachel Comey who, by the way, had an amazing collection this season. And it's for a good cause! All of these adorable little fuckers are up for adoption. Get one today and become as unnaturally obsessed with your cat as I am! This is only up temporarily, so if it doesn't work, here's another kitten cam. A backup kitten cam, if you will.
          Does this look like something a crazy cat lady would wear? Because this crazy cat lady would like to.
Rachel Comey Spring 2013
This Woman

I've been getting preeeetty comfortable up on my high horse lately, and everything that put me there has been related to fat shaming women. See Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C*. There is so much wrong with it- the example it sets, the message it sends, the double standard it sets for women. It's a complex issue that I've thought about a lot, and will hopefully be writing about more in depth for a prominent plus-size publication (say that 5x fast). But what it comes down to is this: everyone of size is shamed to some degree, which is counter productive in the fight against obesity. But while men are encouraged to "get healthy" by the media, women are expected to become attractive for the benefit of the male gaze. It's sizist, sexist, and stupid.

And along that vein,

This Article
Written by my friend. I've posted this on Twitter, Facebook and pretty much declared it mandatory reading for everyone, but just in case you haven't seen it, here it is.

This Website

It's a great place to build your own shoes if you have really specific shoe needs for, say, a wedding or something. You know. Whatever. Your mom. Burn.

*I actually included Exhibit C because the comments are really interesting and provide a lot of different perspectives and very little trolling. The article is just sort of meh.