Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Awesome to Start the Week

Here is a list of a few things I think are really super:

The Saint Laurent Collection

I was skeptical about the name change but this collection was so French to death and I love it.

This Video

Sarah Silverman is right: that is some bullshit. This election is in no way won, and we shouldn't get cocky, we should get registered and we should VOTE. Here's how to find out if you're registered and don't forget you have the option to vote early. In fact, if you're feeling super lazy/busy, email me your address and I'll print you out a form, fill out as much as I can, and send it back to you with a stamp on it, ready to mail. Seriously. Email me at

This DIY Decorating Idea, courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Totally doing this. Any excuse to buy a bunch of rubber animals is good for me. That sounded weirder than I thought it would.

This Headdress

as recreated by this bride. I am definitely stealing her idea and trying to make my own.

Also awesome: the fact that I bought my wedding dress this week for $150, marked down from $1500. What what?!

This Luggage

by Anna Dello Russo for H&M. Must have.

This Letter

from James Dean's friend to Dean's family after his death. I cried my face off reading it. If you find yourself longing for some lighter fare, check out this disgusting and awesome letter from Mozart.

And if that isn't a random enough collection of awesome for you, here's a Disney star rapping about ketchup:

Have a great week!

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