Sunday, January 11, 2009

An excellent midnight

12:00pm, midnight: end of week-long detox diet
12:01pm: welcome toxins! The most delicious glass of champagne I have ever tasted.

I am very grateful to The Boy, who not only poured the champagne but was sweet to me all week, as I was sorely lacking in dairy, gluten, caffeine and manners.

I found this video earlier in the week, and the hats have been haunting me ever since. I just want one.

I think I love them.

Listening to now: My Fair Lady Soundtrack

Reading now: This Side of Paradise, after abandoning it for months at the tail end of a summer long Fitzgerald binge. What a strange story this is.


  1. I'm planning on going to the Kentucky Derby for my 23rd birthday (it will be on said birthday) solely for the purpose of wearing a large hat.

    And I love Fitzgerald, but I don't like This Side of Paradise much.

    Happy New Year, glad to see you're blogging too! :)

  2. a weird (e before i) book indeed. who is the shadowy figure whom he chases in the scene where he almost gets laid, and who chases him; didn't understand, but loved, the girl in the haystack; what's with his palaver with the tycoon who gives him a ride? etc. etc.
    only essie's cousin edmund wilson could possibly have seen that this chap had promise.
    by the way, f. scott fizgerald and cousin edmund were a classmates of essie's brother sandy who was institutionalized his whole life after trying to kill his mother and rape his sister. he told your uncle nat in the 50s 'I think Coolidge is doing a heck of ajob.'