Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Things I Love

1) my current situation. I am drinking coffee (!!!) and listening to NPR with a cat on my lap. Bliss.

2) Polka dots. I have a flaming love of dots*. I saw this on and was very pleased. I love, love, love the Valentino number, and I dig the flapper-clown vibe that a lot of designers had ie Adam, Undercover, Betsey Johnson (although Ms. Johnson also had some, um, pirates on her runway. Really, Betsey? Really? No one loves playing pirate more than I do but... your male models were all either way too excited or totes embarrassed).

3) Alec Baldwin. I can't find the clip online, but the Fug girls' description of him on the red carpet of the Golden Globes made me want to run up, hug him and then hand him a scotch and a megaphone.

*My love for dots is a flickering Zippo light compared to the bonfire that rages in the heart of my MTV employed friend. All her bedrooms have been be-polkaed and I expect the room premiering in her upcoming housewarming/birthday party (I can't stop calling it a birthwarming party, MTV friend) will be no exception. The question is, what do I get her that is both covered in dots and also something she doesn't already have? In her words, "Aaaaaah, I just fucking love dots!"

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  1. Fug Girls=love
    this blog is excellent and fashion/city inspiring, especially to those back home in snowy weather :-)