Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just got back from a flurry of activity in the city. Much time spent in front of flashing bulbs hoping my bra strap wasn't showing and my smile wasn't creepy.

Also got to see an old friend from Atlanta, which was so lovely. Atlanta is the most personable person I know, so spending time with her means meeting a lot of people, which was wonderful and something I need to get better at.

While in the city my beautiful, funny gracious and perpetual host* (I am so familiar with her pullout couch) took me to the best place in the world.

Well, maybe not the best place in the world, but it felt that way to Atlanta, who was hungover, and I, who had forgotten what food tasted like.

5-Napkin Burger. Glorious 10 oz. burgers with the most delicious sauce with caramelized onions. AND they have the best veggie burger in the world, as confirmed by My Perpetual Host who is a vegetarian. I almost wish I'd ordered it, it was that good.

After all the loveliness, I was ready to go home to the Boy and Rue! I missed my guys so much and, even though The Boy will be intolerable if he reads this, it was kind of nice to bugger off and get just outside the city.

*She is so lovely and funny that it would be easy to hate her but she's just too damn sweet.

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