Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Late Night Hookah Adventures

During our week in the city, The Boy and I got restless late one night (or early one morning as some would call it) and decided to go on An Adventure. After some misadventures with the subway we arrived at the Hookah Cafe on East 60th.

I own a hookah but I'd never been to a hookah bar before, and this was a great intro. The staff was delightful- they make their own tobaccos and they're delicious. They also have a menu of yummy Middle Eastern beverages and appetizers- we had tea and coffee (not a good idea at 3 in the morning but so good).

The Boy lived in Israel for a while, and was excited to find authentic Arabic coffee. I was excited to find good, fresh mint tea.

Being the only customers late at night, we ended up chatting with the owner who was very interesting- he took us to the back to see all the tobaccos and pipes and told us about importing ingredients. All around a lovely late night adventure.

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