Saturday, January 3, 2009

Retrospective Holiday Thoughts

I was going to post my New Year's resolutions but I thought I'd rewind a bit and focus on the holidays.
The Boy hates them, I love them. Presents, shiny objects, lots of chocolate, emboldened drinking during the day etc. The Boy, incidentally, despite eschewing all commercial nonsense still gives good and I mean good presents. My family is a tickety-tack hot mess of a pile (10 divorces in two generations in my immediate family alone), but we always seem to do the holidays right. My mom is dating a gorgeous, gangly banjo player, God bless her, and here are some pictures of my time at home in the country:

Below: A close-up of my mother's tree. She's spent the past few years in apartments that she's always turned into homes, but now she's in a gorgeous Victorian complete with tiny stairs and hardwood floors.

Below: The woodstove in The Boy's family home. His family is made up of the warmest, kindest people I know.

Below: Mom's boyfriend, The Banjo Player, has a fantastic
record collection.
I'm really quite fond.

Children abound
during the holidays

The Banjo Player's banjo

My crafty mother puts her own spin on a classic.

We had a lovely Christmas all in all, and I came out of it with some fantastic loot (more later). On Boxing Day a few of my high school friends and I got together for some good clean fun. The evening began with wine, homemade chili and the exchanging of tasteful gifts. It ended with beer, a smidge of petty theft, tequila, 7-11 hotdogs and a drunken viewing of Clueless. I like to think I remained classy, feminine and rakishly charming throughout the evening. You may decide for yourself.

H & M tights, vintage scarf, Smith Art Museum bracelet, Army Navy
Store Hat, Basic Edge Coat, 7-11 Hotdog, beer

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