Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

The cat!

So, obviously everyone is commenting on the passing from 2008-2009, and I guess I'll join the pack.

New year, new cat, new blog.

That's right: new year! This past year was wretched all around for most, but somehow I got lucky and had a good year. I moved in with the boyfriend (heretofore known as The Boy), had many professional and financial successes and am surrounded by good friends. These were all welcome changes, since now I'm in a lovely town outside of the city (having moved here from NEW JERSEY) , have a little money to spend (was bordering on destitute in the Jerz) and have lots of friends in NYC and out. Next step: convince The Boy to move into the city. Also, I got a cat.

That's right: new cat! His name is Rue St. Lafitte, Rue for short. Originally he was just Rue, which is French for street but after hearing him say, "fitte!" while he snored I added his last name. Lafitte, by the way, was a pirate in New Orleans. So far as I know, he does not have a street (although I wouldn't put it past those saucy Bourre players) Those who know me know that while I love any and all animals but have been loathe to get one, because I'm known to bugger off with very little notice but The Boy surprised me after New Year's with the most beautiful kitten I'd ever seen and it's love. His favorite things include: sleeping, chasing shiny balls and watching me type (very promising for the new blog).

That's right: new blog! I'm a little wary to enter this world, but excited too. I have terrible follow through, but hopefully I'll be able to maintain and keep up this type of thing. My journals have always had year long gaps in them BUT I am optimistic about everything right now. I decided to start the blog because I had all sorts of new beginnings and it seemed as good a time as any to begin sharing my odd thoughts and loves with the internet at large. Also, I'm an attention hog. Any place where I can commandeer the spotlight (or rather, digital spotlight) is fine with me. Blogs seem to me a strange internet custom- they are at once incredibly private and public.

SO: onto hogging that spotlight! Here are some facts about me to get us started:

I am terrified of the cardiovascular system. Just the mention of anything related to it and my hands and feet go limp and I become very unpleasant.

I also hate feet, but love shoes. I am a connoisseur of getting good shoes for less. Vintage stores, Payless, DSW, Ebay, etc. I hit them all.

Fashion in general is pretty important in my field of work, so I'm trying to be more fashionable all around. My clothing history is a little patchy and, at times, downright ugly. It's going pretty well, but my lazy self often ends up in button down shirts and little else wandering around the house. This though, is an improvement over the ripped up sweatpants of my past.

I was in a talent show with Kurt Vonnegut once. If you don't know who he is, go to your local library and take out all of his books. You'll emerge bleary eyed and better for it.

I guess that's all for now. At any rate, Rue is trying to sit on my keyboard, and is just too cute not to snuggle with. Over and out.

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