Thursday, February 5, 2009

In No Particular Order

In no particular order. Ever.

Sometimes, I like to dress up like a stewardess from the 60s.

Dress: Vintage, Glasses: Borrowed/stolen,
Tights: H&M over Vera Wang, Shoes: H&M,

Bracelet: Vintage Givenchy as gifted to me by a wonderful crazy old woman
Earrings: Claire's

Also, it's cold today and I hate it and I want it to be spring and lovely and full of pretty dresses and bare legs and maybe picnics. In summation, I bought daffodils.

Daffodils: they make me happy.

A final note: last night was delicious.
I wanted all of these.


And I got these!
Cupcakes: they make me happy and so does hot chocolate you can eat.

The Boy got one of these. He let me have a bite, too.

Delicious= Pictachio cake covered in white chocolate
raspberry mousse covered in chocolate shell covered in white chocolate
hearts. This is one of those desserts that even Betsey Johnson would look at and go,
"Hmm. Don't you think it's a little... much?"


  1. hot chocolate in florence: literally melted chocolate. get over here. you'll love it.

  2. Magnolia Cupcakes. NYC., I think. Look them up. Rush to NY and get 7 of these suckers. Undying bliss when you bite into one of their Red Velvet cupcakes. I starved myself for 5 days bec. I literally bought 7 of these puppies and ate the whole 7 in 48 hrs. xo