Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In which work forces the author into an American Apparel store

...and she likes it. I harbor an inexplicable fear and loathing of American Apparel stores. Their windows fill me with anxiety and hostility. But I was forced to confront my issues the other day. Then, to add insult to mental injury, I was forced to admit that it was full of awesomeness. And I walked away with a hefty bag of awesomeness. Observe:

Dress: American Apparel, Tights: H & M,
Belt: vintage, Boots: Payless
Note: I feel like a fembot in that dress.
The neck can be pulled up over the head for extra

T-shirt: American Apparel, shorts: I forget
Tights: H & M, Boots: Payless
Headband: American Apparel belt
Necklace: American Apparel scarf
And my personal favorite is this Jessica Rabbit dress. It comes down to below the knee in real life. It also makes me want to sing jazz standards in a smokey bar.

Dress: American Apparel, Shoes: Guess, Ring:Wal-Mart
That ring was purchased as an emergency fake engagement ring and has a long story attached to it.

In other news, Rue is still adorable.

That said, I think I'll get my AA online from here on out. It's just so effing freaky in there, you know?


  1. ooohh, you look pretty! i also recently discovered payless shoes and found an amazing pair of shiny oxfords! and i am familiar with how american apparel can suck you in...

  2. there's an AA store here in firenze which i have yet to visit... but i desperately want to, as i need some of their FAB ESSENTIALS! xo