Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I really liked feeling like a fembot

Hee hee. I tromped around town today and felt very authoritative.

Dress: WDNY, Tights: H & M,
Shoes: Payless, Bracelet: thrifted,
Glasses: Forever 21
Not pictured: Lord & Taylor hair clip

I am big into dramatic zippers of late and the detailing on this dress hits the spot.

My kitchen is a mess.
In other news, The Boy is sick now and I feel guilty. Not just because I most certainly got him sick but also because I thought it was nice to have him home on a weekday. I made him chicken matzo ball soup and tea and we snuggled a lot. Rue liked it, too.

I think it's nice to break up routines on occasion. Even I, who am not at all a routine driven person, can appreciate stepping outside a comfort zone. One almost always discovers something exciting and new. There is reward in that, even in something small like going to a new coffee shop instead of Starbucks or taking a new route to work. Comfort zones will always be there, but there could be something finite and wonderful just outside your peripheral vision.

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  1. Hey, Sarah. I was just surfing around the web, looking for content related to that little show on which you appeared (a mild obsession of mine) when I stumbled across your blog. I was psyched to see one of my all-time favorite contestants is a fellow blogger!

    I'm not sure if "fans" are welcome here, but I just wanted to say that it pleases me very much to see a model who can actually write. Keep it up!