Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Head for the hills!

So this weekend I headed for the hills. With two of my NYC friends in tow (having a car makes me popular) I trucked up to the wilds of Western Massachusetts.

This was a nice place to grow up.
Unbeknownst to me, 15 other former Western Mass residents were embarking on a similiar voyage. Now, what would make 15 self-respecting adults (and me) leave their lives behind for a whole weekend to go somewhere that doesn't have any cell phone reception?

............a high school play...........

No, really.

Of course, it wasn't just any high school play. It was OUR high school's play. And it was Richard III. And it was amazing.

It should be noted that our high school was.... rather small. As in, 100 students (grades 7-12). And rather tight knit. As in, I've known my Glamourous High School friend for 10 years now and we still speak our own language, especially in the presence of the rest of our high school gaggle. This picture is old, but time has only made us sassier.

Also, I met The Boy there*.

The play was amazing- maybe the best yet. I know I'm biased, but I think that's saying something. And the lead actor was extra-amazing- maybe the best yet. And I don't think I'm biased when I say that's really saying something. Our drama department produced some really spectacular talent.

Just as exciting as the play is the formal dinner they throw for the past and present students afterwards.

The table was festooned with shiny things. I really like shiny things.

The director and his daughter aka my Glamourous High School Friend.

Almost all of these dinners (and any get-together with these people, actually) results in singing.

Of course, Richard III is about 3 1/2 hours long, not including intermission. And the dinners tend to drag on in the very best way. And our high school is in the middle of nowhere, which meant a long drive to my residence for the night. As in, we got back at 4:49am.

It was rather hard to get up Sunday morning. I was in dire need of caffeine and bacon.
Lucky for me, I found the perfect place. But more on that later.

*Yes, we are high school sweethearts. Yes, that is silly and a little embarrassing. But I love him a lot so I'm taking it on the chin.


  1. Shiny things + decapitated goat heads + singing = one memorable evening

    ~ Admiral Nelson

  2. So sorry to miss you, Whirlwind Gal! Love yer new blog, tho'-- xoxo