Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts from captivity

Yesterday was my birthday!

I'm going to rewind a little: a few days before my birthday, this appeared in my kitchen:

My keen instincts told me it was related to my upcoming natal day.

Every so often The Boy would remind me it was there, in case it hadn't been on my mind. He needn't have worried.

On the the night of my birthday, Rue and I were hustled into the bedroom and told not to come out even a little bit. These are some thoughts I had while I was held prisoner:

It's my birthday today! My 22nd birthday! 22 is a very comforting number, I think. Two twos right in a row. It's been my favorite number ever since I was five and realized I didn't like odd numbers. That put a damper on first grade, to be honest.

I fucking love birthdays. Cake+champagne+presents= a very happy author. Totally worth a little age-induced anxiety and life-examining angst.

Rue and I are locked in the bedroom while The Boy does something very secretive that will most likely end up delightful. Rue is not happy about the closed door.

Not a bad companion in captivity.

I had the day off on my birthday, and I did just exactly what I wanted all day.

To start with, I wore sandals without even checking to see what the weather was like.
New sandals! From Target

Lucky for me, it was the kind of day where all you want to do is lounge on your mini-lawn drinking a Venti Iced Green Tea with melon sweetener and read Vogue.

You get to do what you want on your birthday.

Then I went to Target. Target is on a roll right now- I reccomend a trip. I went to pick up a handheld spade and I left with a whole garden!

Bright colours arent' just for flowers anymore.

After finding the cutest gardening supplies of all time, I fed my oddest passion: straw fedoras. I just love them: they evoke Hemingway and trendy hippy girls at the same time.

I have a collection now.

This new fedora goes excellently with my new men's shoes:

I don't care if they are old man shoes, I just love them. Thanks, Dad.

They do not go well with my other new shoes:

But that's ok. I still love them.

Right. I think I'm allowed out now. And by think I mean I'm going to go knock on the door until The Boy lets me out.

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  1. ohhh this post is so cute! happy happy birthday (a few days ago). what was in the box??? i need to know! also, i am particularly in love with your new man shoes and the fringed sandals. target, really? i am going to have to make a visit.