Monday, September 28, 2009

Blank slates.

For most people, finding an apartment and moving is a huge pain in the ass. And I don't like hauling and schlepping any more than anyone else, but I secretly kind of love the whole process. It means a blank slate that you slowly make your own. And we got one hell of a blank slate. Three bedrooms, a full bar, and a really, really big kitchen. Sometimes being outside the city has worthwhile perks.

My mom taught me how to move. One room at a time, and start with the bedroom. Make it beautiful.

My grandmother made that necklace holder- it's just a simple branch painted silver with some pegs stuck in it and I love it. The pictures are illustrations from The Lonely Doll that my mom copied and laminated. I love how their simplicity contrasts with the frilly necklaces. Also, I finally found a constructive use for my obsession with straw fedoras. Things you love are the best decorations.

I love shoes.

So, that's the bedroom. Here's our kitchen:

It has a naturally retro vibe, so I got some some old advertisements and hung them up.

How sweet is that clock?

There's also a pantry. Rue is quite fond.

The bathrooms have a similiar aesthetic, but they're still a work in progress.

Aren't we adorable water babies?

The danger in having a chalkboard in the bathroom is that I often give in to the temptation of potty humor. And by often I mean every day.
I erased it for the picture but the words, "So was the sex with your mom, poophead" might have been written on there. The Boy is very patient.

Our basement is finished and has a wet bar in it. I maybe like to pretend it's a speakeasy. If Prohibition ever comes back, this will be the place to be. I used retro ads again, but these are a little older.

I think bottles are beautiful by themselves, so I tried to keep it simple.

I went more '70s in the living room- I was going for a kind of kitschy library feeling.

There are three of these awesome tea light holders. They're lanterns made of old Roman slides.

That turtle shell is older than all of us, and has travelled with me through three states and six houses.

My favorite part of the new place might be outside. I have a little garden. All summer I had cucumbers, green beans and lettuce and now it's time for beets, onions, cayenne peppers and swiss chard.

That's our home so far. My study is still a total, total mess. It looks like an insane arts and crafts teacher is squatting there. But I have some great ideas and I'll post as I decorate.

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