Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to Basics. Or not.

The excess of Fashion Week sent me on a tailspin through my closet, purging and getting rid of anything I wouldn't buy again if I saw it in a store. I had thoughts of only wearing the bare essentials: grey dresses, blank pants, simple T-shirts.

But if I'm honest, the only thing that makes fall and winter fun for me is clothes that are a little shinier, sluttier, and more extravagant than the simple dresses of summer. I love fur (faux), sequins, luscious colours, lace and form fitting bodices. Stuff like this.

These shoes are a perfect example. I can't wait to wear them under purple tights, short skirts and lots of bracelets.

Six inch heel, pink sole= oh yes.

I went into Payless to get some cheap flats and I came out with these.

Close, no? Another great find was this gorgeous Christian Dior skirt. I got it for a steal and had it tailored to a better length.

Unfortunately, photographs don't do justice to this wool.

Damn, they don't make them like this anymore.

I was also gifted a top hat as a gag gift. What the givers didn't know is that I think it is awesome and plan on wearing it on days that aren't Halloween (and also probably on Halloween. I want to be Oscar Wilde).

I think it looks great with this simple Ann Taylor dress that can be worn a million ways. If I was feeling really touch-and-go, I'd wear that hat with this ever so slightly tacky outfit I've rediscovered for winter.

And by slightly I mean rather.
Coat: vintage, Dress: Calvin Klein, Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Payless

This outfit has already proved excellent for barely lit rooms, champagne and dancing.

Of course, there's a more elegant side to luxurious clothes. Demure, even. Like these vintage Diane Von Furstenburg satin heels.

They're pristine, so it's hard to know how old they are but I love, love, love them.


I also finally found a good winter trench, so I can stop wearing my thin fall ones and freezing when I want a little Holly Golightly in the dead of winter.

I might not be the kind of girl who can live off of the basics. I just need a little something extra to get me through those long winter months. More fun for me.

Bracelet: vintage. Pin: family heirloon, Necklace: Century 21.

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  1. you have great style, btw, I'm a fan since you appeared on cycle 9, you're one of my favorites there :) good luck with your career. i may be late but, i think you look stunning with short hair:)