Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home is.

Home is:
roadside farm stands, woodsmoke, Tibetan peace flags, colonial houses, abandoned tobacco barns, too much patchouli, and good people living in beautiful little towns. I was there for a sad occasion, but there was a lot of joy.

The Boy's family has a farm. Yum.

I went for a run in a thunderstorm and came across this field of sunflowers.
At the time it seemed very meaningful, although it's a little lost on me now.

I didn't know this kind of thing was unique until I left.

Please excuse the pictures, as they were taken from a U-Haul I was schlepping around. Also, it was raining most of the weekend. It was one of my favorite kinds of weather: warm, rainy and prone to storms.

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  1. hey! you're using a holga, aren't you? sweeeet, i like.