Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here are a few things I've really been craving lately.

Simple, nude pumps like this:

Image courtesy of Zappos.com
A cloche hat to wear with my trench like this or this:

Image courtesy of etsy.com
Anything from here:

Image courtesy of globetrotters.com
Donations or presents can be sent to: You are my favorite Lane, I Love Youville, 12345.

I seem to be feeling very 1920s of late, and I think it might be the sudden influx of antique furniture that's cluttering up my house all of a sudden. I can't wait to put it all where it belongs, and I've been diligently searching for inspiration for my study.

Images courtest of: This Is Glamorous

Really, though, my main goal should be to stop it from looking like an insane arts & crafts teacher is squatting there. First step, of course, is kicking out the insane arts & crafts teacher. Wish me luck.

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