Monday, October 12, 2009

Had a lovely weekend full of food, friends and fall. Saw one of my very first fashion inspirations: a girl I went to school with who has the most courageous fashion sense. She wears whatever feels beautiful to her and always looks great. She looked like a gypsy and it looked so fitting with the flaming orange and yellow around her I had to copy it.

Headband: American Apparel, sweater: Wooden ships,
belt: vintage, skirt: H&M, bag: Bass, tights: Ralph Lauren
Boots: Payless

There is something very comforting about swathing yourself in layers and layers of clothes, scarves, jewellry. As though your outfit could carry you for days, could carry you anywhere. Like when I was little and I put on every single one of my mother's scarves and bracelets and danced around to this song.

It's very last year, fashion-wise, but I tend to retain. For me, it's about personal trends. I absorb what feels pertinent and hold on to the rest for later.

Louis Vuitton, Spring 2008

Alberta Ferretti, Spring 2008
(Images courtesy of

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go put on all of my scarves and dance around to a certain song.

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