Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm a Big Tall Man

I'm a big tall man. I cut the grass.
My left eye hurts.
I am waiting and reading parts.
I can be a complicated communicator.
-Big Tall Man, Liz Phair
Hat: Target, Shirt: L.L. Bean, Pants: Vintage
Watch: Aldo, Boots: davRain

Shirt: Kate Hill, Vest: Vintage, Watch: Aldo
Pants: Paper, Denim & Cloth

My bathroom!

Loving: Menswear, Liz Phair.

Image courtesy of woolgathering & miscellany


  1. I am five feet tall, short, and wear a plumed hat.
    I am covered from head to toe with large welts, which I treat with the paucity of medicines at my disposal.
    Like the old woman Elizabeth, I wait and watch for the word.