Monday, December 7, 2009

New Uniform

So, I'm being a terrible blogger again. Bit of writer's/reader's block lately. I've never gone so long without reading at least a short novel, but I can feel it coming to an end. Even the way I dress has been less creative, but that could be because I've found such a good uniform for this kind of year.

This poncho is amazing. I got it off this website, by a bizarre stroke of luck. I wear it over little black dresses, jeans, button down shirts. It's getting embarrassing, and I should probably change.

I've found a decent replacement uniform in this tunic, which can also go over anything, and which came from Target. I love their sale rack so much I want to hug it. But I won't. And certainly never have.

Tunic: Target (say that three times fast)
Leggings: French Connection, Sunglasses: Gas Station in NJ
Boots: Frye

So, I was recently at a shoot with another model who had the same Frye boots that I have, but hers were ten times cooler. Why? Bootstraps. She had about five bootstraps on each foot and it looked great. I may be ten years behind the times discovering this idea, but I'm still psyched.

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P.S. My article about Queretaro will be coming out soon, and I may have another press trip in the works which I am super excited about.

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