Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick! Let's talk about Christmas before it's a new year

Before I think too hard about the fact that we are entering into a new decade I'm going to briefly touch on my Christmas. I might also briefly touch on your mom.

Looking back, I see it had the potential to be the worst Christmas any of us has ever had. Here's why:

1) My mom had pretty serious surgery on December 22nd. It was painful, messy and very unpleasant.

2) It was the first Christmas my mother and father had spent together in over 20 years.

3) My grandmother died a few months ago, and Christmas is kind of a bitch about those things: she saunters into town and just rubs it in, you know?

4) Years ago, my dad and my apartment building burned to the ground on Christmas day. You see what I mean about Christmas being a bit of an asshole?

But for some reason, all of us were totally optimistic about our little Christmas brunch. At least I was. I like to think that helped make it as lovely as it was. Because it really was just perfect.

Even the Pope gets lovey dovey on Christmas.

My mom made it through, by the grace of Percoset and Bloody Mary. She and my dad got along smashingly, and were just wonderful. And Dad and I tiptoed through the day, making it special in our own little way. I got boxes of oranges and grapefruit from Florida, just like Grandma Sally used to do. Dad brought a massage gift certificate (best present in the world, by the way) and a Kurt Vonnegut* book I haven't read.

After Christmas, a girl I know asked me what The Boy got me for Christmas. "A mixer," I said proudly. She didn't get it. Maybe you have to see it to understand.
This means if I ever want cake all I have to do is make it.
Her name is Elda and she's awesome.
I also got lots of pretty little things,
which are sometimes the best kinds of things.
Whatever thoughts I have about this coming year, I'm glad we've finally arrived at New Year's Eve. Those few days between Christmas and New Year's are a kind of limbo for everybody where we walk around pretending to be productive, but waiting to get anything done until after the New Year. It's been quiet for me, and maybe given me too much time to think.
Quiet coffee mornings

But here comes the New Year, and I love New Year's Eve. Sequins, champagne and cake are my favorite things and they tend to feature pretty prominently right about now.

*A long time ago, Dad, our dog Shucks and I shared a stage with Kurt Vonnegut. Shucks sang, Mr. Vonnegut rapped and it was just about the coolest thing ever.

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  1. I never thought to name my mixer! I think I'll name her Donut.

    That was a sweet entry ... ;-) Happy New Year sweetie!