Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feathers and Frippery

Sitting in PJs with coffee (strong) and a pastry (chocolate) and thinking of things like this:

Nothing says 'I don't care that it's miserable and freezing out' like a feather dress. As someone who cares very deeply that it's miserable and freezing out these things matter to me. In fact, this little number is on sale at ideeli.com and oh, I just fucking want it.

I'm a size 6

I recently decided that I shouldn't do anymore clothes shopping, but instead try and wear what I have in new and exciting ways. This was a very stupid thing for me to decide. I am the type of girl that will find something attractive solely because I can't have it. This is a common thing, no? How odd. I don't think it's a forbidden fruit thing: I think it's a little kid stubbornness.

On a much more pleasant note, if anyone wants an ideeli invite, send the requests to erraticinheels@gmail.com and I'll send you one. It's a brilliant website. There's a Chloe and BCBG sale going on now and they're both to die for.
In the meantime, I'm going to work very hard to get excited about a white Christmas and all that entails. And when that totally backfires, I'm going to crawl into bed and think about champagne and pretty dresses some more.


Pretty dresses.

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