Monday, December 21, 2009

The weekend

This weekend I went to visit my grandparents. Keep in mind that my grandfather's family name is Grumpa, and he and I share a lot of points of view. Over the weekend, it snowed a lot and was totally, totally freezing.
For some, a white Christmastime symbolizes hope and beauty in a cold, icy world. For Grumpa and I, it symbolizes a freezing cold pain in the ass. I'm with this guy.

My holiday spirit has been replaced by an obstinate cynicism. I kind of love it: there is pleasure to be had in being cranky. And it comes in the form of warm covers and cats.

When I did go out, I dressed for the cold. Fur, coats, boots.


Purse: T.J. Maxx, Dress: ASOS, Vest: vintage
Necklace/bracelet: unknown


Coat: vintage, Sweater: Saks Fifth Ave
Coffee: so necessary.


Boots: BCBG

Of course, my love of presents is what keeps me from becoming a total grinch. Although he would never admit it, I suspect Grumpa is just shy of Grinchdom himself. And my grandmother gives the perfect gift every time.
And sometimes the perfect gift falls right into your lap. The other day I was wondering where I could find the right present for my owl-loving MTV friend, and I thought I'd give the local Goodwill a try. Maybe, I thought, just maybe they'll have an owl something or other.

This is what I found:

Now, of course, most of my loved ones will be getting a pretty little owl in their stocking.

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