Saturday, January 23, 2010

Road tripping out

Have been driving cross country with a friend of mine to get to Sundance, and then he'll go on to LA. I have to say, it's love. Our country is amazing. Middle America gets a bad rap, and most of what is said is true, but it's beautiful, complex, flawed and there's more to it than SUVs, Wal-Marts and fat people.
I feel so unqualified to be talking about this, but I think that the conservative views stem, in part, from a deep pride for America. Even the urban areas in Kansas, Missouri etc. are deeply connected to the land, and the land has such a strong voice. I love New England, and its mountains and valleys speak to its residents as well, but there is something so strong and deep about the hills and plains here.
I couldn't help fantasizing, as we drove through Kansas, about holing up in a little cabin somewhere and exploring the fields all day and writing all night. I'd wear cotton dresses and have a dog.

Maybe someday I'll come back here and stay, learn more. I know I'll drive through it again. There's nothing better than a road trip.


  1. Lovely pixs, Yes, America is beautiful!

  2. LOL, those billboards are priceless. I wonder which one came first? hehe

    I would love to do a cross country road trip someday too! Be safe!