Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Elegance is refusal"

"Elegance is refusal."
-Coco Chanel

In stark contrast with my usual color-hungry tendencies, I've been favoring neutrals lately. This has been quite an undertaking since I have never been able to wear white jeans (or, to be honest, anything at all) without spilling mercilessly all over it. But, still, how gorgeous is this look:

Max Mara spring/summer 2010

Unfortunately, I am neither as languid nor polished as that woman, so mine was a more relaxed version.

Hat: Unknown, Shirt: Gap, Pins: Vintage
Skirt: Lord & Taylor, Shoes: Payless

One thing I've found much easier with lighter, less obtrusive clothing is accessorizing: it was the perfect way for me to integrate these gorgeous old pins that belonged to my great-grandmother (except the Marilyn Monroe pin, which I got from my mom). I especially love the one on top, which has a hand holding a glass of champagne. I feel a little guilty, since I've mocked my mother mercilessly for her pin penchant*. But now I see they can be quite chic.

*In my defense, she was wearing a blinky Holiday reindeer pin. But other than that she's quite stylish.

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