Thursday, March 18, 2010


I read this article the other day about famous listmakers and it delighted the hell out of me. I fucking love lists: wish lists, to-do lists, to not-do lists. Looking over old journals illustrates an early beginning for my affection: I start listing around age 6. I love lists so much I'm secretly planning a road trip to D.C. to go see the exhibit at the Smithsonian (which is a delight by itself).

Things I Like
in no particular order
1) Beautiful stationary.

Image courtesy of Crane & Co.

2) Writing letters on a typewriter.

Image courtesy of Gala Darling

3) This woman.

Image Courtesy of Advanced Style

4) Sunny afternoon lunches on my porch.

5) Cold cocktails on hot days.

6) Birthdays (like mine, which is coming up in a month*).

Images courtesy of This is Glamorous

*I'm so excited that a month feels like a really long time. I can make a lot of lists in a month.

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  1. Wow love these!!!
    We have an obsession with lists as well.
    Lovely blog!!!!