Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, rain, I don't particularly care.

The Boy and I headed for the hills this weekend to celebrate his mother's birthday. She calls me her daughter outlaw, which I love. She's a fantastic mother outlaw: small, spritely and one of the warmest and most generous people I know. She's one of those people that seems to be so grateful for all the good things in life. Any gift she receives is instantly worn, hung or put into use. She also has a fantastic laugh which makes any birthday better.

The other reason we were going home was to pick up the crazy cat and I'm so excited he's home I can hardly talk.

As the Boy and I drove home, Rue in yowling tow, we saw the aftereffects of a devastating storm. Downed trees, dismembered branches and houses still standing with their guts hanging out. I always say there's nothing like a good thunderstorm to put light in your eye and this was nothing like a good thunderstorm. Something like 7 people died all over the Northeast and half our town is still without power. It must have passed right by our hometowns, thank God. They've had enough wind and ice for now. It's still raining, but I've decided to ignore it like the petulant child it is. It's spring and you can bet your ass I'm going to dress for it.

I finally got some good nude pumps and
no one's going to rain on that parade.

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  1. Nice pumps!--and I love the Big Y bag in the background--hooray spring!