Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home, home.

I've been back from New Zealand for only two days and I'm loving figuring out my old routines. There's nothing like going away to make home feel exotic and new again. Also, I always bring things back with me, not actual souvenirs (although I tend to cart back a few of those, too) but little changes to old practices.

Like, I love that in New Zealand they don't have traditional drip coffee, only espresso. Mornings for Kiwis are flatwhites or cappuccinos with chocolate or cinnamon and it's a lovely little morning indulgence. What better time than now to figure out that blasted espresso machine that's been sitting in my kitchen for a year?

I can't even begin to sort through the bajillions of pictures The Boy and I took so I'm just going to show a little of what I've done since I got back.

The best part about getting back has been actually enjoying my newly decorated office, which was almost done when I left. The finishing touches were my bookcases, which I painted a tropical turquoise that's been cropping up everywhere for me lately. Here's a few before and afters.


Bookcase 2

I was a little nervous about how this big, industrial looking beast would look painted such a frilly color but it turned out fantastic! Even the metallic mesh areas came out looking really delicate and pretty, especially with The Boy's Japanese cat keeping watch (I doubt he'll last very long once Rue is back home).

Ceramic cats aren't as good as the real thing.

Obviously, I've refused to abandon the fashion of a warmer climate, so I've been wearing only the clothes I bought in Auckland, like this beyond-useful nude slip dress with a grey see-through overshirt that I'm over the moon about.

I've winterized it a bit but I can't wait for summer when I can lounge around in this and a certain pair of heels I've hidden from myself so I can rediscover them when the warm weather comes around. I have my own fun.

Sunnies: Ray Ban, Blazer: Gap,
Dress & Overshity: Random Kiwi Store
Tights: Gap, Boots: DSW

Now, it's back to the grind as I get over my jetlag and plan the next getaway.

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