Monday, May 24, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

I have it. Not this:

In fact, let me state for the record: Ted Nugent lied. It's a lot less angry sex and a lot more debilitating malaise than he would have us think. But I'm looking on the bright side: not only do I have an excuse to lie around and watch 30 Rock (which, let's be honest, I really love) but my excuse also has a hilarious name. Come on! Cat scratch fever!

Sure, I could do without the cough, the fever, the achiness and going so long without working my ass off is driving me bonkers, but I'm trying to think positive. And now, because all this thinking is exhausting me, here are some pretty pictures of summertime lovelies.

Afternoon naps in the sun.

Biking everywhere.

Stripes, baby!


Lakes that mirror the sky.
Image by the Erratic Traveller. All other images courtesy of Apartment 34

I hope you all have a gorgeous week, and that I can be a normal human being again soon!

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