Friday, June 11, 2010

Resort Wear 2011

I am so in love with all the Resort Wear collections coming out. They are all kinds of old-lady wacky mixed with Mad Men sexpot. A lot of it looks unflattering on the size 0 twigs so, really, what hope do the rest of us have? But, then again, they are the kind of outfits that are meant to wear you, not the other way around. Here are some of my favorites.

Louis Vuitton

This collection reminds me of an old woman I used to know who had a huge apartment on the Upper East side that she'd bought in the 70s and was gradually filling to the brim with awesome. She could never decide what to wear so she had a tendency to just wear everything she could get her hands on and then a hat. And I'm not normally a huge fan of their monogram, but with all the foof and fuss of the outfit it looks fantastic.

Christian Dior

A little more Mad Men than mad woman, but still a little off. Something pops, either texture or color and it brings it out of just plain vintage territory.

Chloe* Sevigny for O.C.

Sevigny (see how I avoided saying her first name there?) has, obviously, put her unique biker schoolgirl spin on this collection and it works for her. The only thing about her clothes is that they feel straight out of a vintage store on the Upper East Side. Part of Sevigny's charm is that her wardrobe is just the right combination of used clothing and designer wear. But that means her collection doesn't have anything I couldn't get through a little creative scavenging on my own.

*how the hell do I get an umlot on blogger? And how the hell does one spell umlot? Oomlot. Uumlaught. Blerg.


  1. Hot.

    Also: it's umlaut, and you can get one on the Mac by pressing option-U, and then your vowel. Or there's

    ✌ Peter

  2. I believe you can do Option+u, then type the letter you want to be umlautted.
    Ex: Option+u, o = ö

    Also, your cantaloupe (below) is making me hungry...

    ~ Anne

  3. umlaut. and Ä ä Ü ü Ö ö copy and paste. or you can use ae ue or oe. for german style. of course, ë isnt german, so i cant help there.