Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back and Forward

It's gotten cold enough that my fingers are stiff when I come inside, and I think twice about getting on the scooter. In other words, it's the time of year where I start to get overly nostalgic about summertime. So, I thought I'd give in and reminisce for a bit before switching gears and thinking about what I love about this time of year.

And while I can't do a gift guide (for fear of revealing my plans and schemes) I can recommend a few things to get yourself through the holiday season. After all, I'm awfully good at getting gifts for myself.

What I Miss


Image Courtesy of Sacramento Street

If you're lucky enough to be going somewhere where you get to swim, here are a few suits that I love to death. Although, to be honest, I'm so insanely jealous that you get to swim that I'd rather climb into your suitcase than give you swimsuit advice.

Clockwise from left: J. Crew, Diane Von Furstenburg, Popina

Barely there feathery clothes

Of course, there are ways to keep that summery vibe throughout the holiday season.

Clockwise fromt leftt: Torrid Headband, Z Gallerie Wreath, Robert Rodriguez Skirt

What I Love

Hot coffee and breakfast on a cold morning

The eggs are fresh from the Boy's family farm, and the coffee is strong and sweet. Dean's Bean's in VT has personalized brews that make great gifts, too.

Cozy pajamas for cold nights (and, sometimes, days)

Image courtesy of Sacramento St.
I have a huge collection of night clothes, and have no reason to shop for more. But if I did...

Clockwise from left: Gap, Victoria's Secret, L.L. Bean

Glitter, bitches.

Image Courtesy of Sacramento St.

It's most glittery time of the year* and I fucking love glitter. I love shiny things so much you can shake keys at me and I'll be delighted**. Dresses, garlands, jewelry, cats, bring it on. I want it covered in glitter and accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Clockwise from left: Dollybird Design Ring, Aidan Mattox dress, Jayson Home & Garden
Wall Flower, Kurt Geiger shoes

*Yes, I just sang that to the tune of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". What are you going to do about it?
**WARNING: Results not guaranteed. Actual shaking of keys may lead to ass-kicking, not delight.

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