Thursday, November 4, 2010


Irene Jung, of Jung Jewels has been all over the blogosphere and fashion media, for good reason. I could see her necklaces on anyone from Marilyn Monroe to Olivia Palermo to Jackie O.Flirty, alternative and classic all at once.

These 3 pictured are probably my favorite, although it's a hard choice to make. I'm kind of an obsessive personality (shocking, I know) and I just can't get these out of my head. Which is good, because I really, really needed a distraction from thinking about scenes from AMC's The Walking Dead, which premiered on Halloween. Zombies, or rather, zombie defense, is a recurring obsession of mine and this reaaalllly taps into that. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and spead a little more time on Jung's website before heading to bed so I don't have zombie nightmares.


  1. Ugh, right? I love so much. I may write a hell of a lot about clothes and whatnot but it's rare that I actually and truly fixate on something like this.

  2. Love them! Especially the first, black, one! ♥