Monday, November 1, 2010

Scooting In Style and Safety

So, my scooter helmet finally arrived and I haven't gotten off the scooter since. I'm taking full advantage of these last few months of bearable weather- taking the long way home, leaving early and meandering to my destination, taking in all the autumnal glory that I can.

I know I said I wouldn't be posting outfit posts anymore, but I thought I'd make an exception to show off my new helmet and the accompanying scooting outfit. When my friend and I had a scooter in Boston, we were always in heels. It never led to any harm or danger but I decided this time to be more sensible and wear proper riding footwear.

I did not care for it.

Coat: Nordstrom's, Scarf: Land's End, Pants: Vintage, Heels: Carlos by
Carlos Santana, Sunnies: Ray Ban

The thing about a scooter is that it makes the mundane delightful. I had a list of errands or 'odies', as The Boy calls them, (short for 'odious tasks') last Friday that would normally have been daunting and, well, odious. Pick up flowers for the weekend's host, mail several packages, etc. etc.

But on a scooter these things all become exciting and extraordinary. It elicits a response from passerby and pedestrians, especially kids.

One errand required a car and that was dropping Rue off at the Kitty Kennel. No vehicle in the world could make this task anything less than beastly.

This is what a sad cat looks like.

But then there came the rally, and delicious crepes and time with an old friend, which rather helped.

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