Friday, December 10, 2010

Normal Programming Resumes

After revealing my dark, embarrassing and flesh-eating secret I thought I'd go extra girly and pretty today with a gift guide. I know I said I wasn't going to do one, and I don't think I've ever actually bought anything I've seen on one but... they're pretty.

There are some particularly good ones here and here, too.

Gifts should always be something the recipient would never buy for themselves, something that is frivolous and fun but also makes their life a little better. It should walk the fine line between utilitarian and useful, even if it's only use is to make their life more glamorous.

Here are a few things that can make anyone's day a little brighter, and they're all under $30!

1: Modcloth Eyedust, $11.99, 2: Peacock Tights, $29.99, 3: Teacup necklace, $24.99,
4: Heart sunnies (these look good on everyone) $11, 5: Tootsie Luggage Tag, $8

If you're in a darker, more luxurious mood this holiday season (like if, for example, your neighbor has blow up lawn decorations that jingle and scare the crap out of you every night requiring you to have several soothing glasses of champagne*), then this is for you.

1: Coach Feather Clutch, $298, 2: Moet Nectar Imperiale, $98,
3: Chanel Le Vernis in Black Velvet, 4: killer awesome, dog candles, $25,
5: Ruben Toledo Pride & Prejudice, $16

There are a few things that, although glamorous and useful and lovely, should not be given as gifts:

too personal. Scent chemistry and personal preferences simply can't be predicted. Perfume should be sampled before bought. I've only ever gotten one perfume that I liked (this one) and that person has exceptional instincts.

again, something that needs to be tried on. I can barely bring myself to buy shoes online.

I've given and received a lot of great books, so this is only a half entry on the list. It's just important to include a gift receipt with books in case they'd like to exchange it. Also, bookstore gift certificates are an absolutely fail safe present.

this can have books other half and be an extra important entry. Christmas time is stressful, busy and the worst time to bring an animal into a home. I volunteered at a shelter that was overrun every January with animals that were given as gifts and had to be given up for adoption. If you want to give your child a pet as a present be sure and 1) wait until New Year's and 2) take them to a shelter and let them pick it out themselves.

Obviously, there are exceptions to all these rules. I've gotten perfume, shoes, books and even a certain beloved cat** as gifts. Follow your instincts, and if they're coming up blank, ask them. Chances are, they'll have a few ideas and will still be surprised.

*Hypothetically speaking, of course.
**Although, to be fair, The Boy did follow Rule 1, and would have followed Rule 2 if it wasn't so time sensitive.


  1. one year i gave everyone ---books! it was one of the most memorable christmas we and my twin sister gave the perfect book to each person.and i think that it depends on the people...or must know a person very well to give her certain types of gifts yup...



  2. Totally true. Some of the best Christmases have included a huge bag of loot full of books. It's just one of those things that, unless you really know the person, should come with a receipt.