Monday, January 31, 2011

In No Particular Order

A Few Ways to Make the Winter More Bearable
I know, I know, I said I would chant this little saying when the going got cold, but this list is for when Camus just isn't cutting it. It's no secret that winter is not my favorite season, and these are a few things that make the transition from fall to spring a little easier.

1) Build a Fort
Image courtesy of SFGirlByBay
I'm serious. It's a great way to feel like a kid, see your home in a new way, and makes everything feel a little cozier and more covert. Go with it. Make a password. Demand presents and bribes for those who want to gain entry. 

2) Frozen mango pieces
I eat frozen mango right out of the bag and it's my favorite summer snack. The other day, bundled in blankets on the couch I had a few bites and could almost forget that I had to dig out my car to leave in the morning.

3) Friends in warm places.
Image courtesy of This is Glamorous
Make them. Visit them. Love and treasure them.

4) Hats
Image courtesy of Toxic Gypsy
I love them. In winter, it's acceptable to wear them every day. Small comfort.

5)  Color

Whether it's in your home, on your face, in your wardrobe, brighten up. 

6) Cashmere

When I see people in the fashion industry refer to cashmere (or fur or designer labels or whatever) as necessities it makes me more than a little stabby. These things are (unnecessary) luxuries. That said, cashmere can be an affordable luxury, when done right. Winter sales and Goodwill stores are my best friends when it comes to this gorgeous fabric. 

7) Candles
Image courtesy of The Glamourai
My dad used to work at Yankee Candle, which has led to a love-hate relationship between candles and I. But their light really does perk up a room and so long as no one ever. ever. burns a lilac scented anything around me again, I think candles and I will get on just fine.

8)Homemade spa treatments

The winter air wreaks havoc on my skin and hair (not to mention photo shoots that involve buckets of hairspray) and I have a few tried and true recipes to keep the flaking and redness to a minimum (now if only I had time to use them).

Lip scrub
1/4 tsp. oil, either olive, canola or, my favorite, coconut
1/8 tsp. brown sugar

Mix together, rub on lips, try not to eat.

Body scrub
I've bolded the essential ingredients, and the rest are just skin-loving gravy*

1/4 c. Olive Oil
1/8 c. Sugar
1/8 c. Coffee
2 T. Sea Salt
1/8 c. Rice Vinegar
Sprinkle of Sake

Mix together, test on arm. I make mine pretty goopy, because I have sensitive skin. If you don't, add more exfoliating ingredients. It's great for dry, flaky or irritated skin. 

 Hair Treatments
Dry Hair: olive oil & egg whites
Oily Hair: vinegar & egg yolks
Dull Hair: beer

Or, if you're like me and have a special combination of dry hair and an oily scalp, just chuck eggs and other random ingredients at your head in frustration.

*that sounds really gross, I apologize.


  1. re: "Demand presents and bribes for those who want to gain entry."

    if i were to win MEGA millions lotto, i would still be barred from entry, i am sure.

    worse yet, as things stand, i have but (translated) poetry to offer :-(

  2. Ha! The Boy gains entry with leftover Indian food, no millions required. Besides, everyone knows poetry sounds best in a fort.

  3. re: "Also, if I'm honest, erratic doesn't even begin to cover it."

    a rather daunting thought, Sarah.