Thursday, February 17, 2011

In No Particular Order, Part 2

Here are some ways to wear the trends I mentioned here without having to deal with a Marc Jacobs price tag. Of course, a lot of these trends can all be found at vintage stores and Goodwill, which is another of my favorite hunting grounds, especially the pleated skirts and hats.

But, for online shopping, my favorite shops at the moment are, (this site shows you any and everything that is on sale. It's amazing) and Modcloth. But I am definitely not an expert, because I tend to need to try something on before buying it.

1) Polka Dots

Clockwise from top: Dress, Nasty Gal $72.50, Shirt, L.L. Bean, $49.77, Shorts, Modcoth, $37.99
2) Jewel Tones
Clockwise from top right: Shirt, See by Chloe, $90.00, Pants, Lacoste, $79.99, Pumps, Steve Madden, $49.99
3) Wide leg pants
Clockwise from top: Satin Pants, Gianna & Orietta, $85.00, Navy Pants, Free People, $98.00, Silk Lounge Pants, Young, Broky & Fabulous, $60.00

I am definitely planning on wearing a pair of my big, billowy silk pajama pants out in public on purpose.

4) Interesting Knits

Clockwise from top left: Blanket Sweater: Willow & Clay: $33.97, Sleeveless Wrap, Willow & Clay, $64.97, Nomad Shawl, Kensie, $28.00
I love that Kensie shawl a whole lot. Also, if you're looking for a good classic but modern black sweater, this Burberry piece is on sale for $150 which is a lot to pay for a sweater but not a lot to pay for a Burberry cashmere sweater.

5) Flowy skirts
Clockwise from top left: Pleated chiffon skirt: Sparkle & Fade, $59.00, Vintage Skirt, Etsy, $38.00, Maxi Tiered Skirt, Blingstyle, $58.00

These are actually hard to find away from the big designer brands because the style hasn't quite trickled down yet. Or maybe I'm just fussy about my skirts because while long legs are great, they demand skirts at just the right length. But Etsy is a great resource for vintage clothes if you're not a fan of hunting yourself. How great is that sailboat print? I love.

6) (Faux) Fur Accents
Clockwise from top: fur mittens, Asos, $17.03, bomber jacket with fur shoulders, Rebecca Taylor, $143.17, Stole, Stevie Mac $51.99

This is a super easy and affordable trend to pick up on. I'm not crafty at all, but I think even I could pick up some fake fur at my local fabric store and attach it to a jacket. I probably won't, but it's a nice idea.

7) Hats
Clockwise from left: Fuschia Hat: Modcloth, $40.00, Bowler Hat, Asos, $44.83, Wide brim hat, Asos, $44.83

I tend to hat hunt on Ebay, because lots of times people will sell 4 or 5 at a time for a steal, but some people are squeamish about vintage hats. Look no further. in particular has a hat section that makes me swoon.

8) White dress
Clockwise from top: Cape Dress, Asos, $80.69, Long Sleeve Mini, Free People, $138.00, Flowy Sleeveless Dress, Modcloth, $63.99

I am actually packing a white dress for an upcoming trip (details soon) and feeling very brave because of it.


  1. i miss you. lots. lets go to urban renewals and buy some stuff. Ill pick you up on V in an hour.

  2. Bitch, it takes 5 minutes to get to Miles. Hurry your ass up and I'll meet you in 15. Miss the hell out of you.